VisitAR is perfect for the spontaneous traveller searching for the hidden histories that surround them. 

About Us

VisitAR harnesses augmented reality with audio to give stunning immersive insights into some of the most remarkable landmarks. 

Why we're here

All good ideas start with sharing a drink…

Our team was sitting in one of the oldest pubs in England, wondering about the fascinating things that happened below our very feet. But… we didn’t know. Anything. How can we be happy living in such a historic country and know so little?

Maybe this was one of Henry VIII’s favourites? Maybe a gangster was shot just over in that corner? We needed to know before we finished our beer.

We wanted to make local history more accessible so that it could be found within a few clicks. So we did. We’re not done yet – we need the help of some keen early adopters to iron it out in to an awesome app.

Explore more

Early for dinner with a friend? There is something interesting just around the corner for you to explore and tick off your ‘Visit List’.

Sunny Sunday walk with your dog? Don’t take your usual path. The dog will thank you for it.

Get off the beaten track. Go off-piste.

Life is short but history is not.

Now, get out there!

Help build something cool...

We're a start-up and care about our early adopters. That means you! Tell us what you love (or loathe) about our website or content and we’ll give you free lifetime access to all landmarks once the app is live. Sweet deal? Spot on.