VisitAR is for the spontaneous, the wanderers and the wonderers who want explore the hidden history that surrounds them. 

What is this all about?

VisitAR aims to make exploring history easier and more informative than it often is. We're building a new way of touring towns and cities using augmented reality and audio to deliver great stories about interesting places. 

Think of us like a tour guide and history teacher in an app - we're going to be the Pokemon app for history. 

What to do:

Check out the tours and maps section. 

Choose a tour you're interested in. 

Open the map. 

Find a place you want to learn about. 

Navigate there with the map. 

Listen to the audio when you arrive (or read if you prefer, just try not to bump into the locals, they'll get upset). 

Check out tours and maps

Want to be the first to try a new app?

We're a start-up and looking for people to test our new app. If you're interested in helping to shape something cool, please register your details below.